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Most common WiFi Error Codes

If you have any trouble connecting your Smartsuit to your wifi router, most likely you will be getting the following error codes. Remember to temporarily disable your Firewall and antivirus if you cannot see your Smartsuit inside Studio after applying the WiFi settings successfully.

Please reach out to for more help.

This means that the wifi name is wrong. Most likely the name has changed and it is shown differently in the wifi menu of your computer.

A router reset (not a simple reboot) may solve this issue. This will reset the AP name, password, and general settings to their default and original state. Please check online on how to reset your own router.

Please check your admin dashboard by connecting to your router directly. You can get information like the actual AP name, etc from there.

de Authentication
De authentication received from AP
The error usually means that there is an issue with the credentials given (password, username).
Usually has to do with the Access Point name, password, or IP making the hardware not able to connect.
Please check your local IP, wifi name, and password.
Uknown error
Please check for signal interference from other routers nearby. There is no definite cause for this issue.
Unknown error
The security type inside Rokoko Studio's WiFi settings is wrong. Please check your Security type on your Router settings.

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