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How do I cancel my Virtual Production monthly subscription?

With the introduction of Studio 1.18, we have unlocked Virtual Production across all premium Studio plans. (I.e. Studio, Plus, Pro & Enterprise)

To continue using Virtual Production (now free to all) please install Studio 1.18 by clicking here, and cancel your subscription by following the steps below. 

Upgrading to Studio 1.18 is essential prior to cancelling your subscription to avoid any interruption to your Virtual Production access.

Cancelling a Virtual Production subscription

To cancel your Virtual Production monthly subscription you will need to do the following:

Log into with your Rokoko ID.

1. When you have logged in you will be directed to the Teams overview page where you can click the team you wish to manage (in this case the team with a Virtual Production monthly subscription)

2. Click on "Admin Dashboard" and choose "Cancel Subscription" underneath Virtual Production as per below:

3. Choose "Cancel Immediately" and check the box "Are you sure?" before hitting OK.

If you require assistance, please reach out to us directly at where we are waiting to assist :)

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