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Smartsuit Pro is not appearing in Rokoko Studio - Firmware

If you recently updated your firmware or tried to use the bootloader to get the sensors out of boot, Rokoko Studio will sometimes not detect the Smartsuit as being connected causing the 3D model to not appear inside of Rokoko  Studio..

If the above sounds similar to your situation and the power button LED is blue please follow the steps below. 

  1. Download and unzip to the desired destination:
  2. Open a terminal (cmd) and navigate to the unzipped directory that contains the content of
    If you are not used to working with the command prompt, here is some guidance:
    • Unzip the folder, for example on your desktop
    • Open the command prompt
    • Directly type cd Note: there is a space after "cd"
    • Drag and drop the unzipped FixSensorsFromBoot folder in the command prompt
    • Hit enter: the folder is now opened correctly
  3. Connect your Smartsuit Pro to your computer via USB-C (please avoid USB 3.1 ports on your computer), and make sure that your Smartsuit Pro is NOT connected to a battery.

  4. In the terminal run: Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -p a
    If there's a Smartsuit Pro connected, this command will show the USB COMx port that the suit is connected to in the last line.
    • Remember the COM port
  5. Run the following command "Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -h COMx hub_firmware.sfh"
    • Change COMx to your COM port.
    • It takes a little while to finish, but it should eventually get there. The suit might also automatically disconnect while updating.
    • Once the suit is updated disconnect it, wait 10 seconds, and connect it again.
  6. When connected go into Rokoko Studio.
    • You might get a notification that there is a firmware update for the suit, click it.
  7. Click the update firmware button. The two version numbers should be different.
    • Be aware that the update might fail, this shouldn't be an issue but take a screenshot of the error anyways.
  8. Once the firmware update completes/fails disconnect the suit from the computer wait 10 second and connect it again
  9. If all went well the suit should now be visible inside of Rokoko Studio.

If the above didn't help please try it a minimum of 3 times.

Sometimes the Hub turns off after the upgrade which can cause Rokoko Studio to not recognize the suit.

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