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Release Notes - Blender 1.1 BETA

Download Links

Download the plugin here 

The plugin is currently available only for Windows users but we will release the complete version soon

Please uninstall any previously installed versions of the plugin before installing

Video Introduction

New Features 

Retargeting Panel! - We have built the retargeting tool for motion capture animations that Blender has been missing! This fixes some fundamental workflow issues with mocap animations in Blender - namely importing and retargeting. 

Introduced a recording timer

Added the functionality to save, import and export custom naming schemes


We reworked the saving of recordings workflow. This has resulted in heavily improved processing speeds of recorded animations. Recordings no longer need to be split and recorded animations are now using euler angles instead of quaternion for easier editing and better continuity of the animation. 

Bug fixes  

We have added patch that fixes the slow import of FBX animations in Blender 2.80 to 2.82.

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