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Streaming Rokoko Motion Capture data across 2 different networks

In this article we will provide guidance on streaming your Rokoko Motion Capture data across 2 different Networks. E.g. Between two computers in different geographical locations.

Please note that although this is technically possible, it is prone to lagging given that the data is crossing multiple networks. You can record as normal but it will not be as good a quality as if you were streaming on the same network.

In this example, you and David are in two different locations. You are forwarding your Rokoko Motion Capture Data and David is receiving the forwarded data. You have a Smartsuit Pro and David is running Rokoko Studio.

Key requirement: A static IP address

As you will be forwarding Motion Capture data to David's computer, David needs to have a Static IP address that you can stream to.

Example 1: David has a Static IP Address

  • If David has purchased a Static IP address from their network provider, you just need to connect your Smartsuit Pro to your computer and in the Data forwarding box type in the static IP of David's machine

Example 2: David does not have a static IP Address

As David has a dynamic IP address on his local network, you cannot forward data directly to his machine. Instead you will need to forward your data to David's router which has a Static IP address. From there David will set up a Port Forwarding rule on his router that forwards any incoming data to his local machine, thus establishing a connection between the two networks.

The network provider that David has may not be the same as yours so these steps may differ. Hopefully these steps can help guide you towards accomplishing this essential step:

  • To find out David's IP address, he needs to visit and look for the IPv4 address.  This address is for his local router. 
  • You need to type this address in the data forwarding box in Rokoko Studio. 
  • Before connecting to David's router, he needs to determine his local machine’s IP.  To do so, he needs to:
    • Windows machine - Click the start button and type CMD and hit enter. This will open the command prompt. When David types in ipconfig and hits enter, he will see his IP address and Default Gateway. More information can be found here.
    • Mac OS machine - David opens the Mac system preferences and locates Network. When he clicks on the network he is connected to, he will see his IP address and the Router IP address (Aka Default Gateway) below the Status line. More information can be found here.
  • David needs to type in the Default Gateway IP address in a web browser. (As mentioned before, these steps may differ depending on your own network provider.) He will need to log in, probably using the provider’s default username and password which can be found by doing a quick google search. 
  • David needs to navigate to the Port Forwarding section of his router.  
  • In this example, David has Spectrum, so after logging into his router:
    • He goes to ‘Advance Setting’ ‘Access Control’ and ‘Port Forwarding”.  From here he manually adds a rule. 
    • Under “Service” he selects “Other”, in External Host, types “*” which implies Any
    • For Internal host, David types his IP address, chooses protocol “TCP”, and for the external and internal ports types in the default listen ports of Rokoko Studio - 14041
    • Apply the rule and double check to make sure it is enabled.
  • With this rule enabled, you can now forward your Smartsuit Pro data to David's machine and David can operate Rokoko Studio like normally would.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out by creating a support ticket or emailing

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