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Getting Started: Rokoko Remote


Rokoko Studio Subscription: Rokoko Studio Plus, Pro or Enterprise and the Face Capture add-on. 

Rokoko Remote Explained

Rokoko Remote for iOS can be used for several purposes:

Trigger a calibration of the Smartsuit Pro (set the calibration countdown to the desired value, in seconds)

Trigger a recording in Rokoko Studio (of all connected and paired input devices)

Capture facial tracking (learn more here)

Connecting Rokoko Remote to Rokoko Studio

To connect Rokoko Remote to Studio, please make sure that:

  • You have downloaded the iOS app on your iOS device
  • You have connected your iOS device to the same WiFi network as your computer running Rokoko Studio
  • You have opened the Rokoko Remote app on your iOS device
  • You have enabled the connection in Rokoko Studio, by clicking on the Rokoko Remote button at the top of the input device management tab, then clicking "connect" on the detected iOS device

With out latest version of the Rokoko Remote app, you can input the IP address of the computer you wish to connect to. This will benefit customers in public or heavily secured networks.

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