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Collaborators on a Rokoko team can have one of five different roles:

Owner: The owner "owns" the team. They manage the billing information and the payments. Moreover, the owner ultimately decides who joins a team. Please note that deleting and rename a team is not currently possible. We are working on allowing this capability.

Admin: The Admin can administrate a team's collaborators together with the owner. They can invites new team collaborators (creators, members and viewers)

Creator: A Creator is a collaborator that gets access to the premium features associated with the plan the team has selected. E.g. With a Pro license applied, the creator will be have access to the features associated with the Pro Plan such as Video reference in Rokoko Studio. A creator seat is a paid seat. 

Member: A member is a collaborator that gets full access to Motion Library across Unity, Maya and Rokoko Studio for free on all plans. Please bear in mind that a member cannot top up the account balance or add paid collaborator roles to a team.

Viewer: A viewer is a collaborator that only gets access to viewing and downloading already purchased assets on a team for free on all the plans. A viewer could be an external partner you would like to share some assets with or a fellow student in your school.