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How can I access the free 30 day trial of Studio Pro, Virtual Production & Face Capture?

30 days free of charge - Really?

Yes! The Rokoko Studio Pro plan includes many premium features not available in the Rokoko Studio Basic plan. For example, enabling you to live stream stream your motion capture data to a variety of platforms such as Blender, Maya, Unity & Unreal Engine! 

As an added bonus, we are also including a trial of Face Capture which will allow you to visualise, record, export and live stream real-time facial data along with Virtual Production for creating complex scenes live with characters and props!

We are so confident in the value a Rokoko Studio Pro plan coupled with Face Capture and Virtual Production will bring that we believe every Rokoko customer should have the opportunity to try it out for themselves once at no extra cost for 30 days!

Claiming your 30 day free trial of Rokoko Studio Pro, Virtual Production & Face Capture

You can claim your free trial by creating a new Rokoko Team. Please make sure you have created a Rokoko ID first, instructions for doing this can be found in this article.

Please note that you do not have to be a new customer to claim a free trial, just follow the steps below to give it a go! If you have claimed a free trial previously, you will not have the option of claiming another.

In order to claim your 30 day free trial of Rokoko Studio Pro, Virtual Production & Face Capture you need to:

  • Log into with your Rokoko ID
  • Select "Create new team"
  • Give it any name you like and click create
  • Invite collaborators to your team or choose "Skip for now"
  • Select Start Trial at the bottom of the Rokoko Studio Pro plan

Once the process has completed, click on the team you created. You will see "Pro Plan Trial" and the two add-ons  so fire up Rokoko Studio, log in with your Rokoko ID and get creative!

Here is an example of a new team being created and the free trial being selected:

The 30 day free trial also includes 3 creator seats! For guidance on inviting collaborators to your team and making them creators, please follow this article.

If you decide you love Rokoko Studio Pro as much as we do, choose Buy Plan. More detailed instructions can be found here.

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