The following error codes may appear in smartsuit studio while applying wifi settings to the hub.

Note: Studio will represent the codes in their integer form. The table below represents their hex form.

Studio WiFi config documentation

0x0002Scan command issued while module is already associated with an Access Point

WiFi Module documentation

BB9CDHCPv6 Handshake failure
BBA0SMTP Authentication error
BBA1No DNS server was specified, SMTP over size mail data
BBA2SMTP invalid server reply
BBA3DNS query failed, SMTP internal error
BBA4Bad DNS address, SMTP server error code received
BBA5SMTP invalid parameters
BBA6SMTP packet allocation failed
BBA7SMTP GREET reply failed
BBA8Parameter error, SMTP Hello reply error
BBA9SMTP mail reply error
BBAASMTP RCPT reply error
BBABEmpty DNS server list, SMTP message reply error
BBACSMTP data reply error
BBADSMTP authentication reply error
BBAESMTP server error reply
BBAFDNS duplicate entry, SMTP transmit error
BBB1SMTP oversize server reply
BBB2SMTP client not initialized
BBB3DNS IPv6 not suported
BBC5Invalid mail index for POP3 mail retrieve command
BBD1SSL Context Create Failed.
BBD2SSL Handshake Failed. Socket will be closed.
BBD3SSL Max sockets reached. Or FTP client is not connected
BBD5FTP file is not opened
BBD6FTP file is not closed
BBD9Expected 1XX response from FTP server but not received
BBDAExpected 2XX response from FTP server but not received
BBDBExpected 22X response from FTP server but not received
BBDCExpected 23X response from FTP server but not received
BBDDExpected 3XX response from FTP server but not received
BBDEExpected 33X response from FTP server but not received
BBE1HTTP Timeout
BBEBAuthentication Error
BBEDInvalid packet length, content length and received data length is mismatching
BBF0HTTP/HTTPS password is too long
BBFFPOP3 error for invalid mail index
0XFFFFListening TCP socket in module is not connected to the remote peer, or the LTCP socket is not yet opened in the module
FFFESockets not available. The error comes if the Host tries to open more than 10 sockets
FFFCIP configuration failed
FFF81) Invalid command (e.g. parameters insufficient or invalid in the command). 2) Invalid operation (e.g. power save command with the same mode given twice, accessing wrong socket, creating more than allowed sockets )
0XFFFATCP socket is not connected
FFC4Unable to send tcp data
FFBCSocket buffer too small
FFBBInvalid content in the DNS response to the DNS Resolution query
FFBADNS Class error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
FFB8DNS count error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
FFB7DNS Return Code error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
FFB6DNS Opcode error in the response to the DNS
FFB5DNS ID mismatch between DNS Resolution request and response
FFABInvalid input to the DNS Resolution query
FF42DNS response was timed out
FFA1ARP request failure
FF9DDHCP lease time expired
FF9CDHCP handshake failure
FF87This error is issued when module tried to connect to a non-existent TCP server socket on the remote side
FF86This error is issued when tried to close non-existent socket
FF85Invalid socket parameters
FF82Feature not supported
FF81Socket already open
FF80Attempt to open more than the maximum allowed number of sockets
0XFF7EData length exceeds mss.
FF74Feature not enabled
FF73DHCP server not set in AP mode
FF70SSL not supported
FF71Error in AP set region command parameters
FF6EInvalid operating mode
FF6DInvalid socket configuration parameters
FF6BParameter maximum allowed value is exceeded
FF69Invalid command in sequence
FF42DNS response timed out
FF40TCP socket close command is issued before getting the response of the previous close command
FF41HTTP socket creation failed
FF36Wait On Host feature not enabled
FF33TCP keep alive timed out
FF2CMemory limit exceeded in a given operating mode
FF62Failure because of remote terminate
2Scan command issued while module is already associated with an Access Point
3No AP found
4Wrong PSK is issued while the module client tries to join an Access Point with WEP security enabled
5Invalid band
6Association not done or in unassociated state
8De authentication received from AP
9Failed to associate to Access Point during “Join”
000AInvalid channel
000E1) Authentication failure during “Join”
2) Unable to find AP during join which was found
during scan.
000FMissed beacon from AP during join
13Non-existent MAC address supplied in “Disassociate”
14Wi-Fi Direct or EAP configuration is not done
15Memory allocation failed or Store configuration check
sum failed
16Information is wrong or insufficient in Join command
18Push button command given before the expiry of
previous push button command.
191) Access Point not found
2) Rejoin failure
001AFrequency not supported
001CEAP configuration failed
001EUnable to start Group Owner negotiation
20Unable to join
21Command given in incorrect state
22command issued in incorrect operating mode
23Unable to form Access Point
24Wrong Scan input parameters supplied to “Scan”
25Command issued during re-join in progress
26Wrong parameters the command request
28PSK length less than 8 bytes or more than 63 bytes
29Failed to clear or to set the Enterprise Certificate (Set
002CIf a command is issued by the Host when the module
is internally executing auto-join or auto-create
002DWEP key is of wrong length
30Send data packet exceeded the limit or length that is
31ARP Cache entry not found
32UART command timeout happened
37Wrong WPS PIN
38Wrong WPS PIN length
39Wrong PMK length
003CBand not supported
003EError in length of the http command(Excceds number of characters in http command, that is mentioned in
the PRM)
003FData packet dropped
40WEP key not given
41Wrong PSK length
42PSK or PMK not given
43Security mode given in join command is invalid
44Beacon misscount reaches max beacon miss count(Deauth due to beacon miss )
45Deauth received from supplicant
46Deauth received from AP after channel switching
47Synchronization missed
48Authentication timeout occurred
49Association timeout
004ABG scan in given channels is not allowed
004BScanned SSID and SSID given in Join are not
004CGiven number of clients exceeded max number of
stations supported
004DGiven HT capabilities are not supported
004FZB/BT/BLE packet received and protocol is not
50Parameters error
514 way handshake failure.
00B1Memory Error: No memory available.
00CAError in Ap set region command
0X00CBError in AP set region command parameters
00CCRegion code not supported
00D1SSL Context Create Failed.
00D2SSL Handshake Failed. Socket will be closed.
00D3SSL Max sockets reached. Or FTP client is not
00D4Cipher set failure
00F1HTTP credentials maximum length exceeded.
BB0AInvalid SNTP server address
BB0BSNTP client not started
BB10SNTP server not available
BB15SNTP server authentication failed
BB21IP address error
BB22Socket already bound.
BB23Port not available.
BB27Socket is not created
BB33Maximum listen sockets reached.
BB34DHCP duplicate listen
BB35Port Not in close state.
BB36Socket is closed or in process of closing
BB37Process in progress
BB38Trying to connect non-existenting TCP server socket.
BB42Socket is still bound
BB45No free port
BB46Invalid port
BB4BFeature not supported
BB50Socket is not in connected state. Disconnected from
In case of FTP, user need to give destroy command
after receiving this error
BB87POP3 session creation failed/ POP3 session got