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Getting Started: Motion Library in Unity

Download Instructions

In order to download the Motion Library plug-in for Unity, users must visit this link or search “Motion Library” through the in-editor version of Unity’s Asset Store.

Importing Motion Library

Upon clicking download, an import window will appear. Click ‘Import” to import Motion Library into your project.

Accessing Motion Library

After importing the plug-in, access Motion Library by clicking Window > Motion Library.

The Motion Library window will appear. If you have .NET 4.x enabled you should be able to access the Motion Library and view the selection of animations!

Enabling .NET 4.X

If you do not have .NET 4.x enabled, the following prompt will appear and you will need to click “Please, change setting and close Unity.

Clicking the button will enable .NET 4.x, and immediately close your Unity client. You will then need to re-open the same exact Unity project for the settings to have taken effect, otherwise creating a new project will keep your old settings.

Once you reopen Motion Library, you should be able to access the Motion Library!

Video Tutorials

Some video tutorials to get you started!

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