Download Link

The Rokoko Live plugin can be found here:


Mac users please note that we currently only support up to Mac OS 4.18.

Download Instructions

  • Click the Epic Games Launcher and navigate to the Marketplace tab

  • Use the Search bar and type in “Rokoko Live”

  • Click on the Rokoko Live asset

  • Navigate down the product page and click the “Install to Engine” button

  • Once finished, click the “Launch” button at the top of the Epic Games Launcher window

    • Open an existing or new Unreal Project (if this is your first time, we recommend opening a new project)

  • Once Unreal is open, use the search bar under the ‘Modes’ tab on the left and type “Smartsuit Controller”

    • Click and drag the “Smartsuit Controller” inside of the viewport

  • Use the search bar again and type “Smartsuit Receiver”

    • Click and drag the “Smartsuit Receiver” inside of the viewport

  • Click the “SmartsuitController” object inside of the World Outliner

    • Within the Details tab, make sure that ‘Auto Connect’ is checked

      • If this is not checked, you will then have to input the suit ID inside of the ‘Suitname’ field to get it to connect

  • Click the “SmartsuitReceiver” object inside of the World Outliner

    • Make sure that the ‘Streaming Data’ field is the same number as the “Forward Port” inside of Rokoko Studio