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Video Reference

Video Reference allows you to record video footage of mocap actors with your webcam.

The Video Reference feature allows you to record a video or sound reference for your scene. 

Exported format is currently one single .mp4 file for both video and sound.


A Rokoko Studio Pro or Enterprise subscription.

Getting Started

To start using Video Reference, click the Video Reference icon at the top right of Studio. Alternatively, you can click the cogwheel at the top left of Studio and click 'Video Reference' under 'Premium Features' to enable it. Make sure to select the source for your input device for both video and sound. Most usb cameras and webcams are supported and should be recognised.

Video Reference Panel

You can modify several things on the video reference panel:

  • Drag it in the scene
  • Expand or reduce its size
  • Change its transparency
  • Mirror the view

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