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Playback Filters


The timeline and playback areas offer different playback options for you to play, record and adjust your recordings


To record your connected input devices in Rokoko Studio, you can do this in several ways:

  • Trigger a recording in Rokoko Studio directly

  • Trigger a recording from Rokoko Remote (for iOS)

  • Use the Command API feature to trigger a recording from your application

Desktop Recording

Click on the red record button to start a recording:

All connected and paired input devices will be recorded simultaneously

Rokoko Remote Recording

Rokoko Remote for iOS can be used for several purposes:

  1. Trigger a calibration of the Smartsuit Pro (set the calibration countdown to the desired value, in seconds)

  2. Trigger a recording in Rokoko Studio (of all connected and paired input devices)

  3. Capture facial tracking (learn more here)

To connect Rokoko Remote to Studio, please make sure that:

  1. You have downloaded the iOS app on your iOS device

  2. You have connected your iOS device to the same WiFi network as your computer running Rokoko Studio

  3. You have opened the Rokoko Remote app on your iOS device

  4. You have enabled the connection in Rokoko Studio, by:

    1. Clicking on the Rokoko Remote button at the top of the input device management tab, then clicking "connect" on the detected iOS device

    2. Clicking "accept" in the iOS app


The following features are available on the timeline:

Scrubbing:  By left-clicking the circle on the timeline and dragging your mouse left or right, you can move to any point in the animation playback.

Scope: If you left-click on the half circles above the timeline and drag left or right you can condense or expand the scope of the animation playback so that it only plays the recording within your scope.

Segments: By holding Left-Shift and left-clicking and dragging on the timeline, you can create segments of your animation playback. With segments, you can export out sections of a recorded take. You can rename segments by holding Left-Shift and hovering your cursor over the segment on the timeline, then clicking the word "segment". You can also delete segments by holding 'Left-Shift', hovering your cursor over the segment on the timeline and clicking the trash can icon. Lastly, you can adjust the beginning and ends of your segment by holding 'Left-Shift' and clicking and dragging the ends of the segment.

Live Filters: Filters are a feature that makes it possible to modify data from the Smartsuit Pro so that it is better suited for specific use cases. The next section of this documentation explains these filters more in-depth.


The following buttons located from left to right on the Playback bar have the following functions:

Playback Speed: This allows you to adjust the playback speed of your record at various intervals between x1/16 to x16.

Start Frame: This button takes you back to the beginning of the playback.

Previous Frame: This button takes you back one frame of the playback. Holding Shift and clicking this button takes you back 10 frames.

Stop: This button stops the playback of the recording and goes back to the beginning of the animation.

Record: This button starts and stops recording with the Smartsuit Pro.

Play: This button plays the playback of a recording.

Pause: This button pauses the playback of a recording.

Next Frame: This button takes you forward one frame of the playback. Holding Shift and clicking this button takes you forward 10 frames.

End Frame: This button takes you to the end of the playback.

Playback Filters

Playback filters in Rokoko Studio will allow you to enable specific filtering on data recorded by the Smartsuit Pro.

To gain access to the playback filters in Rokoko Studio, simply click the pencil icon at the far right of the playback timeline.

Keep in mind that these filters are in an experimental stage and will consistently be improved. How significantly these filters affect your own Smartsuit capture data will depend a lot on your project, make sure to play around with them to find out which ones will work best for the motions you want to capture.

Details on the specific filters available can be found here