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Smartsuit Pro Configuration

Location Settings

A major component of the Smartsuit Pro is the magnotometer and it helps with the performance of the suit depending on where in the world it is. It is import therefore important to specify your Location settings

You can apply your geographical location in two ways:

  • The Studio detects your location automatically and will suggest to apply it to the Smartsuit Pro, through a pop-up in the bottom right corner of the Scene View. Click on it to configure.
  • Enter your geographical location manually by navigating to the settings (settings cog icon in the top left corner of the Scene View). You can specify your 'Country' and 'City' and click "Apply to Smartsuits".

Smartsuit Pro WiFi Configuration

Opening the WiFi configuration panel

To open the WiFi configuration panel, connect your Smartsuit Pro to your computer with the USB-C cable. Shortly after you can access the settings by either:

  • Clicking on the prompt message that appears in the scene
  • Clicking on the suit icon at the top of the input device configuration panel

WiFi settings Configuration settings explained

  • Smartsuit ID - A human readable name for the Smartsuit. Click on the arrows icon should an ID be missing.
  • WiFi name - The name of the WiFi network you want to connect your Smartsuit to. This is also called SSID. As you will notice right away when you click the dropdown, Smartsuit Studio will start looking for WiFi networks available to you. If you don’t see the one you have in mind, just wait a little. The list updates every five seconds.
  • Password - The password of the WiFi the Smartsuit should connect to.
  • Receiver IP - Your computer's IP address. We have made it easy for you by showing the available IP addresses but you can always double check you are using the correct one by following this article.
  • Receiver Port - The port which is used by Smartsuit Studio to receive messages from the Smartsuit Pro. Default value is 14041.
  • Security Type - The security type used by the WiFi router.
  • Frequency band - The frequency band of the WiFi router. You can select 2,4 or 5,0 GHz or Dual Band.
  • DHCP mode - If set to Automatic, the router will assign an IP address to the Smartsuit Pro automatically, while Manual would require that you specify the Smartsuit IP and Gateway IP.

After entering the correct values, click Apply WiFi settings to Smartsuit.

Assigning your Smartsuit Pro to an Actor Profile

In order to use the Smartsuit Pro, under "input devices" find and drag the Smartsuit Pro onto an actor profile (under "live scene objects" (add an object, in this case an actor profile first.

Smartsuit Pro Diagnostics Panel

To access the diagnostics panel, click on "Smartsuit Pro" in the input device configuration panel or right-clink on the Smartsuit Pro input device icon, then click on the magnifying loop.

Sensor colour indicators

Each of the 19 sensors of the Smartsuit Pro can take several colours in the diagnostics panel.

  • Green: stable
  • Yellow: sensing magnetic interference 
  • White: apply a geographical location to the Smartsuit Pro
  • Grey: hardware failure

Frame rate

The frame rate, in fps, will remain stable at around 100fps as long as your WiFi network can support it (signal intensity). When making a recording, should the frame rate drop, upon export Studio will interpolate to stabilise the frame rate at 100fps.

Switching between Newton and skeleton rig view

You can switch from Newton (neutral character mesh) to a skeleton-like figure by clicking on the icon at the bottom right corner of the diagnostics panel.

Smartsuit Pro Calibration

Calibrating the Smartsuit Pro can be triggered in 3 ways:

  • The 3-second countdown calibration, by clicking in the button at the top of the dashboard.
  • The instant calibration, by right-clicking on the Smartsuit Pro icon in the input device management tab, then the calibration icon.
  • Using Rokoko Remote for iOS phones, learn more here.

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