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The Home View is Rokoko Studio's first visible panel when you enter a Team. It is structured into two sections - Projects and Actor Profiles.

The header will also give you access to:

  • The About button
  • Verify Studio version
  • Quit Studio

Toggle between Home View and Dashboard View.

General Settings:


Projects will keep your different motion capture projects structured and organised. You can create as many projects as you like as well as assign default Actor Profiles to them (simply drag and drop actor profile icons on the project you want to assign them to).

Actor Profiles

Actor profiles are individual user profiles that contain body measurement data of an individual. Entering precise values will ensure that the rig will be scaled to the measurements of the actor, and in turn can help give more accurate and precise motion data with the Smartsuit Pro.

When in doubt whether or not you correctly measured an actor's joints, simply enter your actor's height and foot length. Entering erroneous measurements will make more harm than good, so height and foot length measurements on their own are a great place to start.

The amount of body profiles you can save depends on the type of subscription plan you are currently on. 

To create an actor profile, click on "+".

You can also create an actor profile directly from within the Dashboard View.

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