Whether you are an artist, a designer, or technician, if you need to interactively control video, audio or other media, Isadora is ready to serve your creative impulses.

Required subscription

  • Primary plan: Plus, Pro or Enterprise

Plugin is currently in beta testing phase. More info will follow.

Get started

Open Rokoko Studio Live

Go to settings and click on Studio Live in the drop-down menu.

Configure the data stream

Before you can begin streaming data you need to configure the receiver information. Start by clicking the cogwheel  in the top right corner, which will flip the box around.

Add receiver

Add one receiver by clicking the plus button, which applies one receiver to the list. At this stage you can modify the IP address and Port number.


Enable and disable receiver

Each individual receiver can be enabled and disabled by toggling the switch  

Enable data stream

In order to enable a data stream, at least one receiver has to be enabled

Enable the data stream by clicking on box. The green outline indicates that the data stream is enabled, click again to disable.

Configuring Isadora

For instructions on setting things up in Isadora, please download the zip file below and open the Rokoko Studio Live Watcher - Mini Tutorial