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Getting Started: Streaming to Autodesk MotionBuilder


Rokoko Studio Plus subscription or above

Plugin for MotionBuilder (dependant on the version). It can be downloaded here.

Video Tutorial

Rokoko Studio Settings

Open Rokoko Studio Live

Go to settings and click on Studio Live in the dropdown menu.

Configure the data stream

Before you can begin streaming data you need to configure the receiver information. Start by clicking the cogwheel  in the top right corner, which will flip the box around.

Adding a receiver

Add one receiver by clicking the plus button, which applies one receiver to the list. At this stage you can modify the IP address and Port number.


Enabling and disabling receiver

Each individual receiver can be enabled and disabled by toggling the switch  

Enabling the data stream

In order to enable a data stream, at least one receiver has to be enabled

Enable the data stream by clicking on box. The green outline indicates that the data stream is enabled, click again to disable.

MotionBuilder settings

Open motion builder and create a Smartsuite device.

Under the Navigator panel, click on the Model binding drodown and choose Create.

Inside Rokoko Studio, click on the Start Live Stream and activate the Motion Builder Streaming panel. Inside Motion Builder insert your Rokoko Actor Name from studio into the Suit Name field in the navigator. Then click on the online button to start live streaming in Motion Builder.

To record the live streaming data from Studio, you need to click on Characterize in the navigator under Utility and then click Recording. Over the timeline click on the round recording button. When you are ready to record then hit play.

Now turn off Recording and live in the Navigator, and then you can play your recording in the timeline.

Face Data set-up

To set up face data in motion Builder, import your character with all 52 blendshapes. The blendshapes have to match the the standard ARKit naming listed here:

  • eyeBlinkLeft
  • eyeLookDownLeft
  • eyeLookInLeft
  • eyeLookOutLeft
  • eyeLookUpLeft
  • eyeSquintLeft
  • eyeWideLeft
  • eyeBlinkRight
  • eyeLookDownRight
  • eyeLookInRight
  • eyeLookOutRight
  • eyeLookUpRight
  • eyeSquintRight
  • eyeWideRight
  • jawForward
  • jawLeft
  • jawRight
  • jawOpen
  • mouthClose
  • mouthFunnel
  • mouthPucker
  • mouthLeft
  • mouthRight
  • mouthSmileLeft
  • mouthSmileRight
  • mouthFrownLeft
  • mouthFrownRight
  • mouthDimpleLeft
  • mouthDimpleRight
  • mouthStretchLeft
  • mouthStretchRight
  • mouthRollLower
  • mouthRollUpper
  • mouthShrugLower
  • mouthShrugUpper
  • mouthPressLeft
  • mouthPressRight
  • mouthLowerDownLeft
  • mouthLowerDownRight
  • mouthUpperUpLeft
  • mouthUpperUpRight
  • browDownLeft
  • browDownRight
  • browInnerUp
  • browOuterUpLeft
  • browOuterUpRight
  • cheekPuff
  • cheekSquintLeft
  • cheekSquintRight
  • noseSneerLeft
  • noseSneerRight
  • tongueOut

To read more about the ARKit look at this site:

Now select your character mesh and click on Map Face in the Navigator panel. If the naming is right, a popup should appear saying "Mapped 52 of 52 shapes".

Now when you click Live and Online in the Navigator, the face animation should start streaming form Rokoko Studio.

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