Required subscription

  • Primary plan: Plus, Pro or Enterprise

Get started

Open Rokoko Studio Live

Go to settings and click on Studio Live in the dropdown menu.

Configure the data stream

Before you can begin streaming data you need to configure the receiver information. Start by clicking the cogwheel  in the top right corner, which will flip the box around.

Add receiver

Add one receiver by clicking the plus button, which applies one receiver to the list. At this stage you can modify the IP address and Port number.


Enable and disable receiver

Each individual receiver can be enabled and disabled by toggling the switch  

Enable data stream

In order to enable a data stream, at least one receiver has to be enabled

Enable the data stream by clicking on box. The green outline indicates that the data stream is enabled, click again to disable.



  • Open motion builder and create a Smartsuite device.

  • In the device settings, change the Command port to 5001 (any number different than a port in use and different than 5000). Motion builder will not be able to send commands to the Smartsuit, since the Studio will control the Smartsuit. If you leave the port in 5000 that will create issues when Studio tries to send and receive commands from the Smartsuit.
  • Change the Streaming port to be equal to the forward port you set in Smartsuit Studio, in this case, 14040.
  • Make sure the Suit ID is set to any, or if you know the id of the suit, then is set to that ID. (any will accept the first suit it will occur which works if you have one suit). Finally, the Network settings should look like below:

  • Finally, create a new Model binding and Characterize the model (the characterize may take effect when you click the Online button to turn on the device online). Now you should have a skeleton in your Scene standing in T-pose.

  • Finally set the device online and you should see the skeleton begin animated with the data forwarded from the Smartsuit studio.