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Getting Started: Streaming to Unity

Forward real time data to your Character in Unity!


Rokoko Studio plus or above subscription

Video Introduction

Getting Started

Open Rokoko Studio Live

Go to settings and click on Studio Live in the dropdown menu.

Configure the data stream

Before you can begin streaming data you need to configure the receiver information. Start by clicking the cogwheel  in the top right corner, which will flip the box around.

Adding a receiver

Add one receiver by clicking the plus button, which applies one receiver to the list. At this stage you can modify the IP address and Port number.


Click the arrow down  button to configure VP (Virtual Production) Port.


Enabling and disabling the receiver

Each individual receiver can be enabled and disabled by toggling the switch  

Enabling the data stream

In order to enable a data stream, at least one receiver has to be enabled

Enable the data stream by clicking on box. The green outline indicates that the data stream is enabled, click again to disable.


Setting up the Plugin

To receive data in the unity plugin, import the Rokoko Live Unity plugin in your project, get it here. 

Open the RokokoPluginExampleScene, and configure the SmartsuitReceiver and VirtualProductionReceiver with the port numbers with the corresponding port numbers that Studio is forwarding to.

In our example, for receiving Smartsuit Pro data, configure the SmartsuitReceiver Port Range Start and Port Range End to be 14043.

Lastly configure the VirtualProductionReceiver which will receive trackers, props and faces to have the VP port number, in our case 14045.

In play mode you should now be receiving Smartsuit Pro, tracker, prop and face data.

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