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Some or all of the sensors on the Smartsuit Pro do not work


You managed to connect the Smartsuit Pro in Rokoko Studio, but you notice that some, or all of the sensors of your Smartsuit Pro don't work. Sensors can fail for one of two reasons:

  • During a firmware update, some or all the sensors got stuck in bootloader mode.
  • Sensors are physically damaged.

Solution 1 - Sensors stuck in Bootloader Mode

If you need help with any of these steps head down to the bottom of the page to watch the video.

Sometimes during a Firmware update sensors can get stuck in the bootloader mode. This can for example be caused by unplugging the USB-C cable before the update has finished successfully, or if the hub was underpowered during the update. This results in not fully functioning sensors that are constantly blinking green or lighting blue (physically, not in Studio) and are displayed grey in the Rokoko Studio diagnostics panel.

Below is an example of grey sensors not responding:


Instructions to debug sensors stuck in bootloader mode

Table of contents:

Part 1: Get COM port from Command Prompt

  1. Download and unzip to the desired destination:
  2. Open a terminal (cmd) and navigate to the unzipped directory that contains the content of
    If you are not used to working with the command prompt, here is some guidance:
    • Unzip the folder, for example on your desktop

    • Open the command prompt

    • Directly type cd Note: there is a space after "cd"

    • Drag and drop the unzipped FixSensorsFromBoot folder in the command prompt

    • Hit enter: the folder is now opened correctly

  3. Connect your Smartsuit Pro to your computer via USB-C (please avoid USB 3.1 ports on your computer), and make sure that your Smartsuit Pro is NOT connected to a battery.

  4. In the terminal run: "Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -p a"
    If there's a Smartsuit Pro connected, this command will show the USB COMx port that the suit is connected to in the last line.

Part 2: Make all sensors stuck in boot

  1. If at this stage, all sensors are stuck in the boot loader skip to Part 3.  If only some sensors are stuck in the boot loader mode you have to run the following command: "Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -s COM3 sensor_firmware.sfs"
    • COM3 in the command line above is an example, make sure you use the correct COMx port that is returned after executing step 4
    • If the COM number is 10 or higher, then the full name of the COM will look like this  \\.\COM10.  In this case follow this guide to lower your COM# to a single digit number ( COM# <10 ) 
  2. After a few seconds, the command gives this output (or similar):
  3. Unplug the USB cable from the computer to make the sensor firmware upgrade fail
  4. Plug the Smartsuit Pro back to the computer and verify that all the sensors are blinking. If they are not, repeat step 1 and increase (or decrease) the time you spend to unplug the USB.

Part 3: Get sensors out of boot

  1. All sensors should be now blinking (stuck in boot loader), run the following command, and let it finish: "Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -sb COM3 sensor_firmware.sfs"

    This command should in the end output the following (or similar) for all the 19 sensors:

    If the status is OK in all of them then all sensors should be working fine.

  2. Unplug the USB-C cable, plug in the battery and verify that all the sensors are working properly.

If the steps didn't work on your first try please repeat it 1-5 times.

Solution 2 - Physically damaged or broken sensors

If the bootloader debug procedure did not help revive the sensors and they are not lighting up at all, they could be physically damaged so please contact us at or raise a ticket here for assistance. Please provide your order number to speed up the process.


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