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Unknown Error: Status Code FF9C

Unknown Error: Status Code 0010

  • Make sure you are using the latest available version of Rokoko Studio on our website.

  • Make sure you have disabled your computer and network firewalls (as well as anti-virus software like McAfee), you can implement firewall exception rules once you're connected (learn more here).

  • Make sure you have selected your correct network, with the correct IP address (see here how to verify your IP address).

  • Try connecting to 2.4GhZ frequency band first, 5.0GhZ after, as some routers are using specific channels on 5.0GhZ which we might not support (but can be changed on the router).

  • Try setting the DHCP mode on "manual", in the advanced WiFi settings.

If you notice that the LED colour on the power button of the hub is green, it means the Wifi settings have been applied successfully.

Unknown Error: Status code FF9C

This applies to customers seeing the following error when they attempt to apply Wifi settings to their smartsuit:

The error code FF9C has been known to indicate a DHCP handshake failure (WiFi configuration error codes). 

Please disable any firewall running on your machine and try setting the DHCP mode to "manual" under the dropdown "Show advanced WiFi settings."

Unknown Error: Status code 0010

This applies to customers who see this error when applying Wifi settings:

The error code 0010 has been known to indicate a communication issue, most commonly caused by firewalls.

Please follow the guidance in this article to disable your firewall or add exception rules to allow communication between the Smartsuit Pro and machine.

If further assistance is required please raise a support ticket with us by clicking Home and 'New Support Ticket' or emailing us at support@rokoko.com: