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Smartsuit Pro is not appearing in Rokoko Studio - Firewall

This article is for customers who have successfully applied the Wifi settings for your Smartsuit Pro and see that the the LED colour of the power button on the HUB is stable green however: 

  • No avatar appears in the scene of Rokoko Studio  
  • A Smartsuit Pro does not appear in the list of "unpaired input devices" on the right hand side panel inf Rokoko Studio.

Things to try

  1. You have correctly disabled your computer and network firewalls (you can reinstated firewall exception rules later on) as well as anti-virus software like MacAffee (learn more here).

  2. Test a (different) dedicated router (or even a smartphone Wifi hotspot), as shared office or university networks can be hard to connect to.

  3. Make sure you have connected a charged battery/power bank to the usb power cable of the Smartsuit Pro (note: this is not the same cable as the USB-C cable (Anker) used to apply the wifi settings), with a minimum output of 2A (see recommendations here).

At this point, should you still have issues connecting, please contact for assistance.

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