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Smartsuit Pro firmware update fails

Things to try

When upgrading the firmware fails, please try the following:

  • Disconnect your Smartsuit Pro's HUB from the USB-C cable and also disconnect the battery, so that the Smartsuit is completely turned off. 
  • Now connect the battery again and a few seconds later connect the USB-C cable (Anker) between the HUB and your computer again (try a different port, and avoid USB 3.1 ports). 
  • Go through the firmware upgrade again.

Rokoko Studio Firmware update panel

If you are trying to update the firmware when it actually already is running the latest one (as you can see above), you might get a firmware update failure message. Please disregard the update and simply connect your Smartsuit Pro to your wifi network, your Smartsuit Pro should connect.

Unknown Error: Status code 0010

This applies to customers who see this error when trying to upgrade the firmware:

The error code 0010 has been known to indicate a communication issue, most commonly caused by firewalls. Please follow the guidance in this article to disable your firewall or add exception rules to allow communication between the Smartsuit Pro and machine.

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