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Rokoko Scene Files Between 2 Computers

I did some mocap on a laptop and then I wanted to transfer all of the files and data to my desktop for editing in Rokoko studio but I'm not seeing any actual scene files saved anywhere on my laptop. I see a .ss file but I can't open that file by itself.

Is it not possible to transfer projects back and forth between computers?

  • When transferring takes from one computer to another you need to make sure that you are placing them inside a project. 

    1. On your source computer go into the project
    2. In the panel to the left, right-click one of the takes and choose "Open folder".
    3. A window appears with files ending in .srec and .srec.meta. These are the files you need to copy over to your target computer.
    4. On your target computer create an empty project or go into a project.
    5. In the panel to the left, right-click and select "open folder".
    6. A new window appears. Paste your .srec and .srec.meta files into this folder are you should be able to view them in Rokoko Studio.
    7. Reload the project, by going into it again or restarting Rokoko Studio.
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