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Falling With Style

Hey Rokoko Peeps,

I'm working on an animated short. In it, a character needs to fall forward to a prone position, as if punched from behind. 

When I try to act it out in the Rokoko suit/software, my avatar jumps below/above the floor when I go to the prone position. I'm wondering if you have any workarounds or suggestions for this type of "not standing vertically" pose/action with the suit, as it nearly always gives me a weird capture with this type of Z-jittering. 

I've had the same problem in the past before with similar poses--"downward dog" yoga pose, lying on a countertop, using a hammock, etc. Eager for any insights Rokoko staff or the community have on this type of motion!



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  • Hey,

    When doing these types of motion you should consider using the live Locomotion Legacy filter. Locomotion Legacy still have a lot of great uses, like running, jumping, handstands, etc. It is definitely the filter that works the best when lying on the floor or doing similar movements. The filter will at least prevent you from going through the floor. 

    The filter can be found in the Scene overview panel under live filters:

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