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Rokoko - blender and autorig pro retargeting

I just received my shiny new smart suit and am findin retargeting to blender's autorig pro a NIGHTMARE. A full two days of trying and can't make anything close to working. Has anyone successfully retargeted to an autorig pro rig? 

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  •  Hey, I have done retargeting using Auto-Rig pro.

    Here it is working ->

    The key to getting it to work is to ensure all your bones on the auto-rig pro rig are set to forward kinematics on the N-panel:


    The next thing you need to do is ensure the mapping for the bones is set to the "c_" set of bones on the Rokoko bone mapping section in the rig object properties:


    I have attached a generic profile for use with Auto-Rig pro and Rokoko plugin. You can load this JSON file in the Rokoko section of the Object Data panel:


    One final comment. You should be able to retarget the model using Inverse Kinematics, if you set the hand and foot bones IK in the N-panel and retarget the hand and foot bones to those bones in the Rokoko Object Data panel.


    I have not tried this yet, so it is just a guess if it works. It might need further tweaking.

  • Awesome! trying this out now

  • I wish I could say it works, but no luck for me. Still a very messed up retarget. The Json file doesn't seem to do anything either. When I press import and choose the file, nothing changes in my bone list.   - On the Ik side of things, shouldn'd you have to tell the retarget that it's Ik and define a way to map pole vectors? Otherwise the armes are really going to flip out arent they>

  • You have to clear the bones list first before importing the JSON file. Click the little 'X' beside the import / export button panel to clear the bone list. Maybe post some videos of your workflow so I can try to see where things are going wrong?
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