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Rokoko not working

We purchased recently a Rokoko suit ( Invoice 830 - 12.06.20 ). We recorded during 3 days and it worked perfect. But now, three sensors are blue ( left forearm, left hand and right foot ) they don't blink. We did the procedure FixSensorsFromBoot . When we do fail, all sensors get green color as recomended. When we start again the next step the same three sensors with problem remains the same as blue;


The suit was also not appearing inside the program, so we also did FixSuitNotShowing procedure and now it's ok on the program.


The big problem is that, once the foot sensor is not working, we can't capture 'cause the character flyes.

Silvio Toledo



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  • I’m having the same problem everything works fine on my other suits except for 1 o them. Please share fix once updated.

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  • Video or my issue

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