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Unmatching Animation speed to camera frame Rate

Hi All, 

I'm facing an issue that I hope can be resolved. 

I'm currently trying to matchmove an actor shot with the camera, with it's own moccap: I'm recoording the moccap as I'm shooting it with the camera at the same time.  

I'm exporting my footage as an exr image sequence, and place it as an image plane in maya, I tried any offset, I'm not able to get the mocap animation to synchronise with the video.

Am I chasing a dream or you guys figured out how to match a mocap animation with a video?

I shot with a Sony a7ii, 35mm 2.8 at 1/125 in HD at 60fps 

I'm exporting the anim from Rokoko Studio at 60fps as well

Do you guys know the proper workflow to tackle this? 

Thanks a lot, 


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