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Tracking a basketball.

So, we have a suit and gloves on order. We need to record a basketball player, so we should be all set there. But now I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to track the ball itself. I've been looking up some BTS on NBA games, but most of those use multiple cameras and a very high end mocap studio. 

Any ideas on how to track the position of a ball?

  • I personally would mo cap the player, video ref as well from a couple different angles, then in your software of choice, (mine is blender) once the mo cap is all cleaned up import your video ref and animate to ball to match the movements. Maybe hand animate along with a mix of physics should do it. Don’t think there is actually any way to mo cap the ball or objects with Rokoko but could be wrong. Or tracking markers on the ball and again track in your 3D software, 

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