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the retargeting is new to 1.1.1 and I want to retarget a Rigify Rig. (thank you for that by the way)

i did some experiments, but could not get it to work. Is it possible to show it once in a video?

To figure out witch bone controlles what i have to try what works and what not. For that save out 
a custom scheme with my manualy inserted controller bones. When I try to reimport, nothing happens. it's not loading to the list.

Any advice for rigify would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hey Michael, I'm having the same issue. Did they ever get back to you on this?

  • hi Henry
    This is what I got  from support:

    'For Rigify rigs, you still need to use the bones in your joint hierarchy and not the controllers.

    Make sure that the two rigs have the same rest pose. If they don't, change the pose of the animation armature to match your Rigify rig.'

    During my few experiments I only got kind of a successful retarget when i was using the controller elements from the rigify rig - only the FK the be more specific. First I though best would be to use the DEF bones, but they get controlled via expressions and their movement get overwritten.

    Nice would be if the motioncapture can be retargeted and the controllerbones are still functional and could serve to adjust the underlaying motioncaputure. Still working on that:)

    Maybe someone with more experience could get it to work?

  • I am also having trouble with this process. I found this guy made a rig for just this purpose but I dont know how to make it work on my own model

  • Hello !after retarguet animations in blender including smart gloves and face capture how to export and then import the character in unreal?and also how to change character animations in unreal using animations made in rokoko studio?

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