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why do you guys lock the frame rate to 100?

I spent 4 grand on Rokoko's suit and I was hella excited to get going and make something but I found out that you guys don't offer 24 fps for free in the studio.  why? I sadly can't make anything now in blender because of all the keyframes lag the computer. kinda feel like I wasted 2 months salary for nothing :( 

  • Hi Derek,

    Thank you for sharing this. We have very recently opened up customer FPS to Studio Plus where it was previously exclusive to Studio Pro and Enterprise. You can see this in the list of functionality per Studio plan here. Unfortunately this functionality will not be available in Studio Basic in the near future but this could change!I have responded to you separately regarding this so we can discuss your requirements further

    Team Rokoko

  • you can simply scale the frames in the dope sheet in blender. select all the keyframes in dope sheet  S 0.24

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