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Any way to get more accurate tracking?

I just got my smartsuit this week, and got it up and running yesterday.   I noticed it's good at capturing 'big' motions, but, for some things, it's not tracking very well.  Like if I put my hands above my head, they don't go above the head in studio, they're in front of the head.   Behind my head in the real world, they're in front of the head in studio.   Is there a way to fix that?

I put in my height for my profile, but not the rest of the measurements, does that make a difference?

  •  I'd like to know more about this as well.

  •  Hello Tristan.

    Please make sure that your actor profile looks as natural as possible, if I may say so. An actor profile with wrong measurements can lead to wrong offsets. Also, sometimes an actor profile with correct measurements isn't shown as it should. An example is attached below. If we adjust the pelvis width on the actor below, the results are much better. The suit is best at movements different than the ones you tried so the cleaning process performed in other 3rd party animation editing programs is essential in order to improve such actions.

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