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Wasn't working until I made this one simple change

 Hello. Just in case this helps someone else I thought I would post what got it working for me.

When trying out the Example project from the UE Marketplace I found that I had to remove the divide by 100 node from the LiveLink Facenode Function in the Animation Blueprint before this would work correctly.

I'm not sure if there was a change at some point or if there is a difference because I am using an iPad instead of an iphone but it worked for me.

Well that and figuring out that the fifth character in the Face ID name was an upper case I and not a lower case l. lol

  • Looks like this is was only a 4.24 issue. 4.25 works without adjustment.

  • Hi! 

    Yes this was removed as part of the latest Unreal Engine plugin release. Details on the release can be found here.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable insight with the Rokoko community :)

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