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Updated plugin for Unreal Engine 4.25 has arrived!

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  • Im simply trying to test the live feature from Okoko studio in theĀ  simplest way possible as starting point,

    Then, without a suit around (but we have one in another location) I run Rokoko Studio with a Plus account that allows life.

    I get the 4.25.3, the last Rokoko unreal plugin installed and activated in the project demo, and the project demo from here (a link given in teh video above)

    Then I make sure I have in Rokoko studio my computer IP and both Rokoko Estudio and Unreal use the same port as instructed in the video, with the Unreal link active.

    Then, if I want to test teh live feature, with Live stream ON and Unreal active, and playing the demo level. Should not I have a direct stream of teh animation pre recorded? Because it doesn't work.

  • Hi Punto,

    We have created a support ticket so the team will be in touch to assist :)

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  • I am also having this exact same problem. Has there been any resolution?

  • I am having this exact same problem. Has there been any resolution?

  • Hi Brad, I have created a support ticket for you. Please add as much info as possible for the team to be able to assist.

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