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Facial Capture could not record enough keys

First, I'm not English speaker. Sorry for my poor English.


I used to use Face Capture without any problems before. And It's been a while since I last used Face Capture, now I have a problem.


I captured facial animation with Rokoko Remote and checked the animation in Rokoko view, I thought it doesn't have enough keys. So after I exported the FBX, I tried to check with Maya, it looks like the same result.

I think Blend shape added keys at a certain interval.


First picture: It was successful data that I captured before.

Second picture: The present data. The keys wasn't enough.


Let me know how can I record face animation enough keys?


Best regards.

(172 KB)
  • Just a few tips of getting the best recordings:
    1. Update to the newest version of Rokoko Studio.
    2. Make sure to have the newest version of Rokoko Remote.
    3. Set Rokoko Studio's graphic settings to low.
    4. Close down any Softwares which is not needed while recording.
    5. Use a dedicated router for the recording session.
      1. We recommend this as traffic on the router can interfere with the recording.
    6. Make sure the phone always can see your face.
      1. Try to keep it as centred as possible.

    We are not sure what caused the original issue but following these steps helped.

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