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Unable to Locate Motion Library in Maya 2020.1

Hi there!

Iam having an issue locating the Motion Library in Maya 2020.1

I updated to Maya 2020.1 from 2019, however under Windows ---> Animation Editor I cant seem to find the Motion Library tab.

I also downloaded the plugin manually and put in into my plug-in manager

Motion LIbrary is native to Maya 2020.1 right? Or am I missing something

Hope someone can help!

Thanks :) 

  • Hi Nicolai!

    We have responded via the support ticket that was created. Please respond when you are able via the case, we will make sure to post the resolution here also :)

  • Hi, was this issue officially resolved? There are two of us on our team that are both having this issue.

    We're both in Maya 2020.1 and I had just been using the Motion Library just fine until trying the update. Now, not even manually engaging the .mll or included script produce a result.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi, I have the same problem, and nobody tells me where to find it, either. It is supposed to be under Windows > Animation Editors but I cannot find it there.

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