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Can this be used for sitting and entering vehicles?

 We are looking for a Mocap system but we need it to be able to capture entering and exiting vehicles where there are steps into the vehicle and the actor will be standing off the ground as part of the entering and leaving process, is this something that Rokoko can deal with, from the videos I have watched it seems to have problems when the feet leave the ground plane.

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  • Hi Chirs! Sebastien from Rokoko here. I already emailed you about this, but posting my reply here as well for other users :)

    Multi-level tracking  is something we currently don't support when using the Smartsuit Pro on its own, but we will be adding it in the future (no eta defined yet, but it's already registered as a candidate feature in our roadmap tool). Our HTC Vive integration (called Virtual Production), however, will allow you to solve this in real-time, as Rokoko Studio (our software) will take the absolute root position data from the HTC tracker you put on the Smartsuit Pro and merge it with the IMU sensor data from the suit itself, both solving root positional drift in real-time and allowing you to change the level field (in a much more precise manner than algorithms relying on IMU data only could ever do) :)

    Should you wish to see what is possible (and not possible) with the Smartsuit Pro, feel free to reserve a demo time slot with us here.

    Have a great day!

    Seb & Rokoko Team

  • Any further information on multi-level tracking? This was mentioned 11 months ago. Do you have an ETA yet?

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