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iClone Not Detecting Rokoko


I'm trying to work out a pipeline for an upcoming project and i'm running into issues getting Rokoko Studio to connect with iClone Motion Live.

I have followed the documentation, however i am not able to set a VP port in my copy of Rokoko Studio (my studio has a plus membership) as in the documentation. As far as i can tell that port is tied to virtual production, which isn't what i'm after.

iClone Real Motion does not detect Rokoko as a mocap body source, and unfortunately iClone doesn't allow me to touch any of those settings, at least through a settings panel, maybe there's a conf file in there somewhere..

if anyone has had similar issues I'm curious to know how you got around them. 

  • Hi Brady!

    A support ticket was created for this a few weeks ago with some suggestions from the team. Please let us know via the ticket if further support is required. We will be sure to add the resolution here also so others can benefit from the information :)

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