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Rokoko Studio Crashes with "VR Preview" in UE4

We are using the virtual production add-on with UE4 and whenever we try and launch the game in "VR Preview" mode, Rokoko Studio crashes. We are able to see props tracking when launch from "Selected Viewport" without any issues. We are in UE4 version 4.23.1 and Rokoko Studio version 1.15.0.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Just adding the response from the support team via the ticket that was opened in case it was missed:

    There have been some issues with the HTC Vive unfortunately, our best guess is to try different patterns of opening the different software to see if one of them fits your setup! It is difficult when it is HTC Vive causing it as we don't have much control over that part.

    Hope this helps, else feel free to respond!

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