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Magnetic Interference

We made a 5' radius around the capture area but are still getting the "yellow" indicator lights on most (if not all) of the sensors. Is there anything we are overlooking that may be causing the interference? Getting so much jitter and drifting that we are at a bit of a standstill.

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  •  Hello all,

    Some customers had issues with interference that was coming from metallic chairs they used or metallic bars in their space. These are objects that should be taken into consideration when using the suit. Reinforced concrete buildings can also cause interference. Keep in mind that interfering objects should be kept at least 2 meters away from the suit.

    For more specific answers please reach out to

  • Hello, Unfortunately, the issue occurs sometimes and sometimes not. I the exact same room. The issue is not due to magnetic interference I think. (And my magnetometer says the level is very low all around the room)
  • Hey all - we also had the interference and lots of issues, even when we were in what we thought was a "low" area. We were using a meter on our phones to test various areas in and around our office. It turned out that the total amount interference matter much less than the amount of change over the space the recording took place. And a change of +/- 2-4 units was enough to throw everything off. 

    This meant that even an office chair with thin metal legs and a plastic body was enough cause jumpiness in the legs of the suit when we were recording, even with overall low area readings. We ended up running a cable out our balcony with a dedicated laptop and router and recording in our parking lot, in a corner away from all parked cars using only plastic and wooden props. Even large empty spaces within the office itself had too much interference (a difference of 2 to 14 units, depending on where we tested). Obviously this isn't ideal but going completely outside and dedicating equipment gave us the most stable results. It's not always possible for us to use this scenario, unfortunately. And this isn't to say it's completely stable. We sometimes have to smooth the results in post or combine various joints in post to get the result we need, and we've combined Rokoko with pre-recorded motion capture library data too. But it's been the only way we've been able to get usable data at all. 

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  • what exact units of measurement is being used? What numbers are considered low and high for magnetic interference in regards to the suit? 

  • The readings we took were from our apps on our phones, as recommended by Rokoko. The common unit of measurement seems to be microTeslas, or uT. What we found is that a base unit of measurement didn't have near as much effect as a change over the area of space we were working in. Whether it read 40uT or 15uT, if that reading changed by +/- 2 to 4uT, we had issues. 

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