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Magnetic Interference

We made a 5' radius around the capture area but are still getting the "yellow" indicator lights on most (if not all) of the sensors. Is there anything we are overlooking that may be causing the interference? Getting so much jitter and drifting that we are at a bit of a standstill.

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  • Hi Patrick,

    A support ticket was created around a month ago with some requests for information. The case has since been closed due to inactivity but if this is still an issue please let me know and we will be happy to reopen the case. 

    We will also be sure to share any resolution here so others can benefit from the information :)

  • Same here, I've made sure there is no electronic devices around me within 1 meter, but like usually 80~100% of sensors are with yellow indicators.

    Is it my Wi-Fi router too slow? I've run a network speed test and it could go up to around 100-210 mbps, not sure if it's relevant.

  • Hi Adrian,

    I have create a support ticket on your behalf. You should receive an email notification. The team will require more information about your specific set up in order to help troubleshoot and identify the root cause. 


  • Hey there,

    I'm trying to test the suit, but no matter where I take the laptop and the rounter (inside, outside) I'm getting 90% of yellow sensors and very poor performance. I've made space for the suit (minimum 1.5 mts without electronics or large metal objects. No sure how to improve.


  • Hi Esteban,

    I have created a support ticket for this to rule out any potential hardware issues. Performance should not be this poor given the environment. A member of the support team will be in touch :)

  • I'm having the exact same issue. Just tested my suit for the first time, restarted a couple times and no matter what it's always 90% - 100% yellow. Could you please tell me how to troubleshoot this?

  • Hi Slviz! I can see you have opened a support case with us so we will be in touch to assist :)

  • I believe it may be an issue with the power supply. The battery seems to be the thing causing EMF interference. Our team just did some tests and had the thought of pulling the battery pack out and holding it as far away as possible. Then we could track the battery proximity to the suit and wires that would make the whole thing go Yellow. 

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  • Hello,

    I have the same problem and tried the same as the users above to solve it. No metal or magnetic objects in the vicinity.  Moved outside, other spaces, restarting the suit, funny enough the only green indicator is the one on my right hand when I take the batterypack out of the pocket, and move it as far as possible from the suit, so I conclude the magnetic interference of the battery isn't the  cause either.

    I downloaded a magnetometer and the values are very low. Anywhere near my vicinity.

    I'm running the latest rokoko studio on a macbook Pro (2017, 2,9Ghz, 16GB memory, Radeon pro 560 4GB), and I must  say the software and capturing is pretty slow aswell (although I guess that shouldn't influence the precision of the sensors?).

    Anyway: I think I tried everything, but now improvement sofar.

  • Hi Mike,

    I will create a support ticket for you so the team can look into this further. You will receive an email notification shortly.

  • I have the same problem. 

    I'm getting a low reading using a magnetometer but most of the tracker colors are yellow.

  • I am getting the same problem.

    Magnetometer shows low values but the tracking icons are mostly yellow.

  • Same here. No matter where I go, always the same yellow sensors. My legs are drifting each time I seat. I measured the magnetic interferences in the room : they are low. And is happens exactly the same in my garden far from every wall...
  • Has this issue been solved for anyone who received a support ticket?

    I've opened about the problem as well but I am not getting a response..

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