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Does Rokoko face capture transfer to Iclone Motion Live facial?

Does Rokoko face capture transfer to Iclone Motion Live facial

  • Quick question.  I bought all the necessary software/plugins to get full motion in Iclone via my Rokoko suit.

    My question is:  Does Rokoko face capture transfer to Iclone Motion Live facial?  I see the option for the body suit, but the only options for Facial are Facewear Live and Facewear Realtime.  

    Which option should I choose?  How do I get my Face tracking onto my iclone character and see it in preview mode like my body motion?

    I appreciate any advice and direction!  Thanks

  • Hello Matt!

    Our face capture solution currently only live streams to our Unreal and Unity plugins I am afraid. We might change this in 2020, so in the meantime, if you are set to use iClone for live mocap, combining body and face tracking, you will have to use some of Reallusion's face tracking offerings and sync them with the Smartsuit Pro in iClone :)

    Note: if you record data in Studio, using the Smartsuit Pro and our Rokoko Remore iOS face tracking app, you can export 2 separate fbx files and import them into pretty much any 3D character animation sofware.

    Merry Christmas!

  • I appreciate the fast response!  My plan has been to utilize my massive Daz library, import into Iclone, record motion capture, then link directly to Unreal.  Would it be possible to do the body capture first in Iclone,  import into Unreal then add face animations using Rokoko's face tracking?  Can you suggest a work around?

    I would have loved to do this all within Iclone so I can see body and face tracking at the same time.  I understand the industry is shifting, merging, and progressing and Rokoko is finding it's place.  I'll be along for the journey.   Thanks again! 


  • Hello Matt!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    As it currently stands, you have the following options, if you are indeed only looking to make recordings in iClone then link them to Unreal (i.e. not a live performance):

    • Record your motion capture data, both of Smartsuit Pro and Face tracking, in Rokoko Studio and export it, to then import into iClone. This is a great option as you can then still use Studio's handy internal filtering tools to improve data quality on the foot contacts.
    • Forward Smartsuit Pro data to iClone, to record body motion data in iClone while recording face tracking data in Rokoko Studio (Studio will then export and fbx with 52 blendshapes that you can import into iClone).
    • Forward Smartsuit Pro data to iClone and use a face tracking solution from Reallusion to record body and face data in iClone direclty.

    Happy New Year ahead!

    Sebastien & Rokoko Team

  • I have tried and tried to get any kind of export from Rokoko Studio to iClone working (via fbx and bvh) as far as facial animation goes, with no joy. iClone's "3DXCHANGE 7" just crashes when I try to import the files that Rokoko Studio has spat out.

    Matt Penttila, did you ever get it to work? What's the secret? :-))

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