Preliminary note: this fix should only be done upon the counsel of a Rokoko agent, do not run this procedure without it.

Sometimes during a Firmware update sensors can get stuck in the bootloader mode. This can be caused by unplugging the USB-C cable before the update has finished successfully. This results in not fully functioning sensors that are constantly blinking and are displayed grey in Rokoko Studio.


Here is how you fix this problem (Windows): 

  1. Download and unzip to a desired destination: 
  2. Open a terminal (cmd) and navigate to the unziped directory that contains the content of

  3. Connect your Smartsuit Pro to your computer via USB-C, and make sure it's not connected to a battery.

  4. In the terminal run: Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -p a. If there's a Smartsuit Pro connected this command will show the USB com port that the suit is connected to in the last line.

  5. If at this stage, all sensors are stuck in the boot loader skip to step 7.  If only some sensors are stuck in the boot loader mode you have to run the following command: Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -s \\.\COM11 sensor_firmware.sfs. 
  6. After a few seconds,  the command gives this output (or similar):
    Found file rkk_USB_Logger_8_1_2019.log
    Executing command on port \\.\COM11
    Creating object PerformFWUpgrade - Sensors upgrade
    Opening COM port
    HUB version 2.0.0 or higher!!
    PerformFWUpgrade: length 0xed00
    PerformFWUpgrade: firmware signature 0xe483f4f
    PerformFWUpgrade: data signature 0xbb889f91
  7. Unplug the USB cable from the computer to make the sensor firmware upgrade fail.
  8. Plug the Smartsuit Pro back to the computer  and verify that all the sensors are blinking. If they are not, repeat step 5 and increase (or decrease) the time you spend to unplug the USB.

  9. All sensors should be now blinking (stuck in boot loader), run the following command and let it finish: Smartsuit-USB-Interface.exe -sb \\.\COM11 sensor_firmware.sfs. 

    This command should in the end output the following (or similar) for all the 19 sensors: 

    Sensor with addr 0x83 is running OK ... Calibration status 0x23c2a1b1 signature 0xe483f4f - version 1.3.4-r

    If the status is OK in all of them then all sensors should be working fine.

  10. Unplug from USB, plug battery in and verify that all the sensors are working properly.