With the new Hub WiFi hotspot mode you are able to connect your Smartsuit Pro directly to your computer, without the need for an external network or router!

→ Please ensure that you are running Studio 1.7 or later

→ Please ensure that you have updated the Hub firmware to the latest version (1.4.1-r or later)

→ Please ensure that you have disabled any firewalls on your computer, as they might interfere with the communication of the Hub to your computer

→ Note that this feature will not provide similar performance (in terms of range and stability of frame rate) than you would have with a dedicated router

To activate the Hub Hotspot feature:

  • Hold down the power button down for 3 Seconds, until it starts blinking blue. 


  • Open the network settings on your computer and find the network "SmartsuitPro_Hotspot_XXX", ("XXX" is a substitute for your Smartsuit's actual three digit name). Connect to the network using the password: 123connect


Note: if the wifi configuration window asks you for a PIN number, please disregard and click on "Connect using a security key instead", then enter the password 123connect

  • You have now successfully connected your Smartsuit using the Hotspot mode. 


  • To switch back to regular external wifi mode, hold the power button again.


  • I can only switch to Hotspot mode and go back to normal mode once:
    → For now, you can only switch back and forth once without rebooting the Smartsuit. Simply unplug the power bank and plug it back in, and then you can switch to Hotspot mode again.

  • Can I connect multiple Smartsuit Pro's at once in Hotspot mode?
    → As for now, you can only connect 1 Smartsuit Pro at a time. In a later firmware release we will change this so you can connect multiple Smartsuit Pro's at once with Hotspot mode.

  • Can I receive Smartsuit data to several devices at the same time in Hotspot mode?
    → As for now, you can only send to one computer at a time. In a later firmware release we will change this so the Smartsuit's WiFi module can broadcast to multiple devices.

  • What's the range of the Hotspot mode?
    → It really depends what WiFi module resides inside your computer. As always, you can do a number of things to improve to ensure the best connection, e.g. have a WiFi antenna booster connected to your PC or laptop. You might see FPS drops in Studio if too many objects are standing in the way of the Smartsuit's Hub and your computer. We recommend only using the hotspot mode if you are in a situation where an external router cannot be used.

  • Can I change the password for the Smartsuit's Hotspot?
    → In this version you can not. Of course you can always talk about a security risk, but in this case we consider it of less importance, relatively speaking.