New Features

  • New environment with new floors, ambient occlusion and lighting.
  • New layout of the playback panel
    • Toggle for showing and hiding Extended playback tools 
    • Elapsed time
    • New horizontal speed slider
    • Label above playback panel showing the name of the active take
  • Improved playback filter workflow
    • Colored ellipse on the playback filter menu button, showing the profile to which the filter settings applies
    • Tooltips for each playback filter that describes its functionality

GUI Improvements

  • Improved general button feedback and style 
  • New icons and better graphics
  • Regions are now called Sequences

Bug Fixes

  • Character no longer appears black when the Magnetic indicators option is on.
  • Using the Zoom scope no longer affects the exporting process.
  • Improved recording with multiple Smartsuits.