1. Unboxing

Your Smartsuit Pro comes in a box containing the following items:

  1. The Smartsuit Pro - A textile suit embedded with 19 wired sensors, a hub, a battery connector cable and a headband.
  2. A USB-C cable to connect the Smartsuit Pro to your computer.
  3. A waterproof Smartsuit cover.

Included in the box:

To get your Smartsuit Pro up and running, you will also need to have:

  • USB power bank/battery - See here for a list of recommended ones
  • WiFi router - See here for a list of recommended ones
  • Computer - See here for the systems requirements

HUB connections:

Hub Infrastructure

☛ Watch the "Intro to electronic parts" video here.

2. Choose your Motion Capture Stage

When using your Smartsuit on a specific location it is important to consider the hardware setup and take some precautions to get the best possible performance.

2.1 Hardware setup

For optimal performance, we recommend you to connect your computer to your router via an ethernet cable. Please also make sure that your Smartsuit Pro stays within the range of your WiFi router (make sure to read the instruction from your router supplier and keep within the recommended range, see visualisation below).

Smartsuit Pro Hardware setup:

Smartsuit Pro setup

2.2 Magnetic safe zone

Magnetic interference may affect the performance of the Smartsuit Pro. We recommend to create a magnetic safe zone, meaning having at least 1 meter (3.4 feet) to large steel/iron objects and devices which create local magnetic fields, such as steel bars or loudspeakers.

Magnetic safe zone:

Magnetic safe zone

The control panel inside Smartsuit Studio will let you know whether or not the the environment you chose is optimal.

Sensor color explanation in Smartsuit Studio:

Sensor color explanation

☛ Watch the "What the colors in the control panel mean" video here.

3. Install Smartsuit Studio

Download and install the Smartsuit Studio (Mac and Windows supported, free unlimited licenses).

The Smartsuit Studio enables you to configure, preview and record Smartsuit Pro body motion data. 

4. Firmware Update & WiFi Settings

To stream motion data from your Smartsuit Pro to your computer you first need to configure your WiFi settings through the following steps:

  1. Open Smartsuit Studio.
  2. Important: apply your geographical location (see here on how to do this).
  3. Click on "sandbox" or create and enter a new project (see chart below)
  4. Plug in your battery / power bank to the USB cable of your Smartsuit Pro (see chart in section 1 of this guide - the USB cable can be found in the battery pocket place in the tunnel on the spine, jest unzip the zipper to access it).
  5. Connect the hub of your Smartsuit (USB configuration port) and your computer via the USB-C cable included in the box.
  6. Now click on “Configure Smartsuit Pro” either via the button in Smartsuit Studio’s header or via the pop-up that appears in the bottom right corner.

Create a project or start in "sandbox":

"Configure Smartsuit Pro" pop-up:

WiFi settings panel:

WiFi Settings

  • Before actually applying the wifi settings, ensure that you have the latest firmware installed on the hub of your Smartsuit Pro by clicking “Update firmware” at the bottom of the wifi settings panel (see chart above). If not, then please update the firmware first and come back to the wifi settings once completed.
  • Find your WiFi network from the drop-down list and enter its password.
  • Ensure that your computer is connected to the same WiFi you wish to use for your Smartsuit Pro and select the correct IP address from drop down menu (read this article on how to verify your IP address)
  • Should you want to select a specific frequency band (2,4 or 5,0 GHz), receiver port or DHCP mode, you can do so via the "advanced WiFi settings" drop down. For a complete break down of the wifi settings, you can read this article.
  • Click “Apply WiFi settings to Smartsuit”.
  • Now disconnect the USB-C cable from the hub's USB configuration port.

☛ Watch the "How to update firmware update" video here.

☛ Watch the "How to update location settings" video here.

☛ Watch the "How to create a project" video here.

☛ Watch the "How to setup WiFi" video here.

5. Connect Battery/Powerbank

Now that the hub's firmware is up to date and that the WiFi settings are applied, it's time to power up your Smartsuit Pro. In order to do this you must connect your battery/powerbank to the hub's USB power cord. The Rokoko avatar will appear in the "sandbox" or in your new project after a few seconds and the WiFi LED indications on the hub will give you feedback on a successful WiFi connection or not (see chart below). At this point, should you not succeed in connecting your Smartsuit you can go through our troubleshoot guides here and here.

You can place the battery in two places:

  • The dedicated pocket in the middle tunnel on the back of the Smartsuit Pro 
  • In the right front pocket: you can funnel the power cord via a small tunnel that runs from the hub to the front right pocket.

HUB LED explanation:

Hub LED explanation

6. Getting dressed

The Smartsuit Pro is just as easy to get into as regular clothing.

Getting dressed: 

Getting dressed

Please double check that the sensors are placed in parallel with your body segments (see chart below) and tighten the straps (see chart below). Remember to put on the headband with the head sensor placed at the back of your head.

Strap tightening:


Sensor placements:

Sensor placement

Detailed view of the sensor placements:




☛ Watch the "Putting on the Smartsuit correctly" video here.

7. Calibration: Perform the "Straight Pose"

Now that your Smartsuit is connected to your computer via wifi, that you plugged in the battery, that the Rokoko avatar appears in the "sandbox" or in your new project and that you have put on the Smartsuit itself, it is time to calibrate it. Please perform a "straight pose" to calibrate the system by standing upright with the arms down the side and face pointing forward (see chart below). Remember to stand still while the software counts down from 3 once you click the "straight pose" button (see chart below).

Straight pose:

How to do a Stright pose

Calibration in Smartsuit Studio: clicking the "straight pose" button:

Doing a Straight pose

☛ Watch the "How to perform a straight pose" video here.

8. Apply your Body profile to the Rokoko Avatar

In order to increase the accuracy of the displayed data, you can apply your body profile that will scale the Rokoko avatar to your body measurements. You can create a body profile either from the main menu or directly from within a scene (see chart below).

Selecting or creating a body profile:

9. Start making recordings

You can start a recording by pushing the red button in the centre of the scene view.

Starting and stopping a recording:

Starting a take

☛ Watch the "How to make a recording" video here.
☛ Watch the "How to use filters" video here.

10. Open and playback a recording

On the left of the scene, find the sidebar with your recordings and click the recording you would like to play. You can modify the hierarchy of your scenes and takes and by right clicking on any of those you get options to rename, close, delete, export takes etc.

Open and playback a recording:


☛ Watch the "How to use the playback panel" video here.

11. Export a recording

You can export your recording by clicking the export button in the timeline, choose a format and click "Export". 

You can export to FBX (ASCII or Binary), BVH and CSV.

Export pannel:

Export a recording

Click ‘Go to exports’ in the sidebar to identify where your exports are saved.

Find the export folder: 

Finding the exports folder

☛ Watch the "How to export a recording" video here.

12. Use the native plugins

Depending on your production pipeline and your 3D character animation skills, using our native plugins for Unity, MotionBuilder and Unreal will allow you unlock the Smartsuit Pro's full potential. Working directly with the plugins will allow you to apply your own avatars in real time on the Rokoko skeleton while working in the software environment you are familiar with.

For more information on how to setup the plugins, you can read through our articles here, and download links can be found here :)

☛ Watch the "How to forward real time data to Unity" video here.

☛ Watch the "How to forward real time data to MotionBuilder" video here.

From this point on, it's up to you :) The recordings you export can be used however you like. We can't wait to see what projects you create!

That's it for the Get Started guide introducing the Smartsuit Pro and the Smartsuit Studio. For detailed guides on the Smartsuit, Studio, Plugins etc., you can browse all our articles in the main page of the help center and you can of course always reach out to us with your questions via the chat (simply click the red button in the right bottom corner of this window).

Happy mocapping!