In order to have Unity plugin and Smartsuit Studio open in the same computer, the way to do it is to have Smartsuit Studio listen to the live Smartsuits, or playback animations, and forward the animation data to the Unity plugin.

To do that you have to set the following settings.

  1. In Unity, find the SmartsuitReceiver component and change the Port Range Start and Port Range End to something else than 14041. For example set them to 14042.
  2. In Unity, find the Command Sender component and change the Command Port to something else than 5000. For example set it to 5001.
  3. In Smartsuit Studio, open advanced settings, then network settings. Finally make sure that Forward data is checked, the Forward IP is and Forward port is the same port you set on step 1. In this example it is 14042.

Smartsuit Studio will now forward all the data it gets (live data or recording playback) in Unity. Note that with this setup you can send commands to Smartsuit (e.x. calibrate, restart) from Smartsuit Studio, but not from Unity.