Our Smartsuit Plugin for unreal engine gives you the option to have live data from Smartsuit Pro directly in unreal. If you want to make animation recordings of the live data directly in unreal you can use Sequence Recorder. The steps to do that are described here.

1. Setup your character to be controlled from the Smartsuit Pro. For more information on how to do that you can follow this tutorial.

In this case the character that is controlled from the smartsuit is called SmartsuitCharacter.

If you click Play the character should receive live data from the Smartsuit and be animated from the motions of the Smartsuit.

2. Now from the Window dropdown click and open Sequence Recorder

3. In the sequence recorder panel click Add new recording button, that will create a new recording.

4. Select the new recording from the list and set the following settings.

Under Sequence Recording set:
Sequence Length : 15 seconds (this can be any number of seconds that you need)
Sequence Name : SmartsuitCharacter_sequence1 (this name will be used for the animation)

Under Actor Recording set:
Actor to Record :

Under Animation Recording, expand Animation Settings and set:
Remove Root Animation : false (otherwise the character may appear to have weird orientation)
Sample Rate : 60  (the Smartsuit can send up to 110 frames per second)

5. Now click record in Sequence Recorder. A count down should appear in the editor, before the count down reaches 0 you have to click Play.

After the specified amount of 15 seconds that we specified in the Sequence Length have passed a message will be displayed notifying that the new animation sequence has been saved. 

Now you click Stop and find the animation in the Content->Cinematics->Sequences->Animations directory.