In some situations the Hub ID in the Smartsuit may be erased or not set correctly. This doesn't affect the performance of the suit or the communication with the Smartsuit Studio, but if you have two Smartsuits with the same issue, this will cause conflicts in Smartsuit Studio. 

Additionally, if one Smartsuit Pro has this issue, you will not be able to use it in Unreal Engine. 

To solve this issue you can use a small app called Smartsuit Hub ID Fix:

After you download the zip file, extract it, and start the SmartsuitHubIDFix.exe file:

A small window should open that prompts you to connect a Smartsuit Pro with USB to your computer.

Once you connect the Smartsuit to your computer, the app will read the information from the Smartsuit, display the current Hub ID and give you the option to change it.

The current Hub ID displays the current ID. The new Hub ID displays the new ID to set. In the case where the Hub ID has not being set correctly in the Smartsuit, you will not see anything displayed in place of the Current HubID. Use Random ID button to change the ID to set. When you are ready click Set to update the Hub ID.

Once the ID is updated, the app will read the Hub ID from the Smartsuit again and this time the value should match with the one you have in the new Hub ID. 

You can now close the app and use the Smartsuit with Unreal Engine.