To ensure that your Smartsuit Pro is Mac compatible and to correct a few bugs, we have made a tool to update the Bootloader on the hub. If you received your suit before August 28, then you will need to make this update. Please follow the guide below. 

How to

To upgrade the bootloader of your Smartsuit Pro, you have to download the Smartsuit-Bootloader-1.0.2-r tool on a Windows computer.

Once you do that, unzip and run the Smartsuit-Bootloader-1.0.2-r.exe file.

Now you should connect your Smartsuit Pro with usb to your computer. Once you do that the app will detect the Smartsuit Pro and display the information of the bootloader. You will notice the bootloader that is already installed in Smartsuit Pro and the bootloader version that you can install in your Smartsuit with the application, as you can see below.

If the version of the bootloader in your Smartsuit Pro is the same as the bootloader with the application, you don't have to perform the upgrade. If it is not the same, click Upload firmware, which will perform a bootloader upgrade. During this process do not unplug the Smartsuit Pro from the usb.

When the process has finished you should see the following confirmation message.

If you click OK you will be redirected to the first screen where you can see the bootloader information of your Smartsuit Pro, at this point you can verify that the bootloader version number is the same as the one you just installed.