If you have a fresh install of Smartsuit Studio and you can't connect your Smartsuit Pro in Smartsuit Studio with USB, and the FBX export is not working:

Fix driver issues for Windows

If you have the correct driver installed, then the problem may be that you are missing the Visual Studio 2017 VC++ redistributables. If that is the case then you also experience the problem that you can't export FBX or BVH files from Smartsuit Studio. To solve this issue you have to install the redistributables:

Get VC++ redistributables

To download them click on the Get VC++ redistributables button above, then scroll in the bottom of the page until you find Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017, make  sure the x64 is selected and click download and proceed with installation. After you finish and restart Smartsuit Studio, you should be able to export and configure the Smartsuit Pro with USB.